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Our special stuffings

Grana cheese and ham, ham, ham and figs, ham and Asiago cheese, ham and eggplants, Porchetta, capon, lard and broccolis, boar, Rigatino and rosemary, Stracchino cheese and sausages, sausages and black cabbage, bacon and black cabbage, bacon and asparagus, Speck ham and leeks, Speck ham and potatoes, deer meat and blueberry, duck meat.

Stone bass, salmon, salmon and caviar, mussels and yellow pumpkin, codfish, codfish and chickpea, tuna fish and arugola, shrimps and zucchini, cutlefish, tubot, anchovies and broccoli, crab pulp, crab pulp and caviar.

Ricotta cheese and spinach, 4 cheeses, Taleggio cheese and artichokes, Taleggio cheese and broccoli, Gorgonzola cheese and walnuts, Gorzonzola cheese and honey, Gorgonzola cheese and eggplants, Mascarpone cheese and mushrooms, Pecorino cheese and pods, Pecorino cheese and pears, Bufala mozzarella, Burrata cheese, Burrata cheese and cherry tomatoes, Burrata cheese and truffles, Burrata cheese and mushrooms, arugola, yellow pumpkin, eggplants, Trevisano chicory, chestnuts, artichokes, asparagus, chestnuts raisin and pine nuts, mushrooms, mixed mushrooms and yellow pumpkin, mushrooms and truffles, porcino mushrooms, porcino mushrooms and truffles, porcino mushrooms and yellow pumpkin, truffles, orange peel and capers.

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    We can prepare other types of stuffings on request.