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Culture and passion for cuisine

La Bolognese is a family run business located in Florence, producing fresh egg pasta, stuffed fresh egg pasta, potato gnocchi and artisanal cookies.
Shortly, from a small artisanal shop, it became a well-equipped company specialized in the production of fresh pasta, offering a wide array of products that fully meet the very high quality standars of traditional Tuscan cuisine and the ever rising demands of modern restoration. The company presents itself as a prestigious furnisher for big-scale distribuition (GDO) and retail trade, with the purpose of delivering the genuine taste of homemade pasta.

La Bolognese only uses highly selected ingedients.
The ingredients used for our products are prepared daily, to grant the perfect freshness and genuineness. Our careful management of the entire production process, that starts with picking the raw materials and ends with the packaging, has the goal of offering a healthy and completely natural product, whose freshness is guaranteed by our special selaed packages, allowing the food to be fresh for up to 25 days from the production date, without the use of any preservatives. Finished products and ingredients are periodically subjected to strict quality controls, to grant the complete respect of the current laws on alimentary hygiene.